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Telephone caller ID

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 2:43 am
by brianroth
A couple of days ago when at lunch with a friend, we got into a the conversation about the jillions of Robocalls we both receive. We know about number spoofing, and both of us don't answer our cell phones anymore unless the number is in our phone's address book. Both of us are in the gummint's "do not call" list.

I got to thinking about when I had a POTS landline (until a few years ago), and my dumb phone displayed originating number as well as a name. My cheap cell only shows the (alleged) incoming number; my friend apparently pays some extra $$$ to see the alleged city/state on his Iphone.

When I call my Mom on her landline into her dumb POTS phones (but they have a caller ID readout), it shows my cell number and name. Mom's calls to me only appear with her name on my cell because she is in my address book.

So..."inquiring minds wanted to know".

Wiki has a cool bit of techno-weenie info which I thought I'd pass along:


Re: Telephone caller ID

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:05 am
by mediatechnology
The calling party name is added by the consumer's terminating central office if the consumer has subscribed to that service. Calling name delivery is not automatic.
To get calling name the local terminating switch does directory look-up. (If the call is terminated circuit-switched and not cell.)

I remember having to pay a little extra for "calling name" on my old AT&T POTS line to have it added to the CID. It had its own "order code." Later that got bundled into a "package" and disappeared. If you have calling name you've always been paying for it though the charge was hidden in a "bundle."

As you point out you can buy calling name for your cell. IIRC Verizon charges about $2.95/month for it and I think you can buy third party apps.

I finally dropped AT&T POTS service after 60 plus years but do have a "wired" infrastructure phone system that uses cellular "modem" with a POTS port. That circuit is also my internet back-up.

I kept the phone number our family had for 71 years (1948) by porting it to Verizon. I wasn't going to let AT&T have that number return to the pool. See: "Dear AT&T: Why I Don't Love You Anymore" viewtopic.php?f=11&t=833