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Arduino LED "Roto" Clock and other Arduino Projects

Posted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 1:43 pm
by mediatechnology
Well it finally had to happen. Wayne modified and wrote some code.

The Arduino LED "Roto" Analog Clock:


I will be adding switches and code for time-setting and may add WiFi Net time synchronization.
The display is single-wire data using WSM2812 addressable RGB LEDs.
The clock runs on an Arduino Nano ATMega328.

The time is 10:58:54.

A broadcast countdown clock is also in the works.

I've also done a simple H-bridge stepper controller for a friend's project.
All it does is run a 50:1 gear-reduced 15° stepper at 3 RPM output shaft speed.
The stepper fits in an Arduino Nano ATMega168.


The USB on these boards are not the standard FTDI232 but the lower-cost CH340.
The Arduino IDE is not supplied with CH340 drivers which must be downloaded here:

Re: Arduino LED "Roto" Clock and other Arduino Projects

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:16 am
by JR.
oh-oh... welcome to the dark side... :lol:


Re: Arduino LED "Roto" Clock and other Arduino Projects

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:48 am
by mediatechnology
I stay up late to code. Becoming a real night owl.

The stepper was an epic fail due to vibration. I suspected that when I ran it.
It wasn't the cogging, since it was geared, but internal clacking each time it stepped.
Too much vibration damping/shock mounting would be required.

We need a silent-running low RPM synchronous motor and they work quite well except for heat and 120/240 adaptation.
The client has been using a rotisserie motor and other than having to separately stock 120/240 they work well.
The 50/60Hz discrepancy isn't a factor.

I found some really cool brushless DC low RPM motors with gear boxes that are relatively flat.
They have the controller on-board and can be slowed, if needed, by external PWM.

It's back to the clock code to set the time.
No one bothers me at midnight. :ugeek:

Re: Arduino LED "Roto" Clock and other Arduino Projects

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:20 pm
by JR.
My ability to code has deteriorated over the years, :oops: not some single observable cognitive deterioration, but the requirement to hold so much related stuff in front of mind for easy access.

Back when I was still jogging I would work on difficult coding problems in my head while running 5 miles. Not detailed code work but obscure coding architecture or algorithm design. I could also come up with some solutions overnight apparently while sleeping. I used to call that my overnight engineering team. :lol:

Now I can have a hard time just figuring out code that I wrote myself, but some of that is because of sloppy documentation. Many thousands of lines of code in my drum tuner.

That said I can still have trouble reading some of my old electronic circuit schematics (like the TS-1), but they could be difficult to grok even before I got old. :roll: