Hickok Model 215 Semiconductor Analyzer

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Hickok Model 215 Semiconductor Analyzer

Post by mediatechnology » Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:36 am

I found a manual for the Hickok 215 Semiconductor Analyzer. Hickok apparently had a lot of model 215s.

The 1976-era Hickok Model 215 may have been on of the first devices that allowed you to plug in a device, analyze its pin out and provide a good/bad indication. ebay is now full of similar devices using microporocessors: This one uses an octal counter to drive analog switches.

Hickok Model 215 Semiconductor Analyzer Schematic.

Larger schematic for the Hickok Model 215 Semiconductor Analyzer: https://proaudiodesignforum.com/images/ ... r_1200.jpg

I'll finish scanning the manual.

The devices are straight forward metal gate CMOS: 4001, 4016, 4022. The op amp is a 4558.

The "1/2/3" LEDs show which terminal is the control terminal (e.g. base, gate or UJT emitter.)

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