Function, Signal and Sweep Generator Schematics

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Function, Signal and Sweep Generator Schematics

Post by mediatechnology » Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:31 am

Over the years I've collected a lot of Function and Signal Generators from HP, Krohn-Hite, Wavetek and Heathkit.
Before that, being too poor as a kid to buy them, I played with the Intersil 8038 and Exar 2006 function generator ICs.
I wound up collecting a lot of schematics of Signal and Function Generators that I will be posting here.

The Krohn-Hite 1600 Log/Lin Function Generator

One of my all-time favorite function generators was the Krohn-Hite 1600 with log sweep.
Though I don't own a Krohn-Hite 1600 I do have fond memories of using one at MicMix and a couple of years ago scored a Krohn-Hite 1400 on eBay.
The '1400 doesn't have log sweep but that's not something I use anyway.
One of the unique and cool things about the 1400 and 1600 were that they used slide pots to set the start and stop sweep frequencies.

I do have a schematic of the Krohn-Hite 1600 which may be useful to those that own one.
For the rest of us, the schematics serve as a look into the analog past and some clever and good circuit design of basic analog building blocks.

The Krohn-Hite 1600 Function/Sweep Generator

Krohn-Hite 1600 Schematic Sheet 1: ... heet_1.JPG (larger format)
Krohn-Hite 1600 Schematic Sheet 2: ... heet_2.JPG (larger format)
Krohn-Hite 1600 Brochure and Specifications: ... e_1600.pdf
Krohn-Hite 1600 Circuit Description, Parts List, PC Component Locator: ... Layout.pdf

Update 11/15/14:

Now I do own a Krohn-Hite 1600 along with the Krohn-Hite 1400.
I got this one on eBay at a very reasonable price.
With a little contact cleaner and a couple of power supply electrolytics it runs just fine.

Krohn-Hite 1400 (linear sweep) and Krohn-Hite 1600 (linear/log sweep) Function Generators

Leader LFG1300 Function Generator

The Leader LFG1300 was a simple and easy-to-use function generator featuring both lin/log sweep and AM modulation.

The Leader LFG1300 Function Generator

Leader LFG1300 Function Generator Block Diagram and Schematic: ... ematic.pdf

Interesting how Leader calls the sine shaper a "tangent equalization circuit."

MITS Super Audio Sweep Generator featured in the Popular Electronics October 1973 Edition

I saw the Popular Electronics October 1973 issue as a kid and knew there would be a function/audio sweep generator in my future.
It used the Intersil 8038 function generator IC.
Though I toyed with the ICL8038, my first function generator was actually a Wavetek 185.
I got lucky and picked it up for $50 from a KA Electronics customer selling one.
I still have the Wavetek, it works, and is the only one I have that reaches 5 MHz.

Popular Electronics October 1973 Cover Featuring the Super Audio Sweep Generator from MITS

Super Audio Sweep Generator, VCO Schematic, Popular Electronics, October 1973, Figure 5.

Read the Super Audio Sweep Generator article and download the entire October 1973 issue of Popular Electronics from American Radio History: ... 973-10.pdf

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