EEQ-12 Elliptic Equalizer Construction Documents

Construction information for DIY projects, including the MS Mid Side Matrix, Width Controller, Phono Transfer System, Insert Switcher and the Dual Class-A Amplifier. You can post your baby pictures here.
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EEQ-12 Elliptic Equalizer Construction Documents

Post by mediatechnology » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:44 pm

This thread, a work-in-progress, documents construction of the EEQ-12 Elliptic Equalizer.

EEQ-12 Elliptic EQ web page: ... tic_EQ.htm
EEQ-12 Boards are available in limited quantities here: ... e_active_1



Sheet 1: ... heet_1.png
Sheet 2: ... heet_2.png

Mouser Project Manager BOM for the EEQ-12 Elliptic Equalizer: ... f06782454f (includes THAT and NJR ICs)

Board Stuffing Diagram:

Image ... ut_800.jpg

Preliminary Assembly Instructions: ... 2317_1.pdf
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