HP400F Meter Wet Slug Tantalum Capacitor Reforming

This is where we talk about testing, measuring and repairing things. Sometimes we have to repair the equipment we use to test, measure and repair other things. It's an endless cycle of fixing the broken things we need to fix other broken things.
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Re: HP400F Meter Wet Slug Tantalum Capacitor Reforming

Post by mediatechnology » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:27 pm

USB seems to be the most universal with only a Lightning to USB cable required for Apple which is a supplied accessory.
Android devices use a USB port which is combination charger port, USB and HDMI output.

If you don't want to run on batteries then you'd have three devices: Phone/tablet, USB measurement interface and charger/power supply.

The TS-1 all-in-one format is more grab and go.

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Re: HP400F Meter Wet Slug Tantalum Capacitor Reforming

Post by Gold » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:47 pm

The iAudiointerface has a rechargeable battery and can charge the iPad when the interface is plugged into power. That is what seems to distinguish interfaces that say “for iPad”. Without that you have to have a USB hub that charges. That makes it much less attractive.

You could make it so the interface box is the same size as an iPad mini. It could attach magnetically or some other way so it feels like a single device.

In iOS USB 2.0 compliant devices don’t need a driver. They just work. In Windows you need a driver. I don’t know about Android.

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