R.S. Hughes Company Aerospace, Electronics and Manufacturing Supplies

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R.S. Hughes Company Aerospace, Electronics and Manufacturing Supplies

Post by mediatechnology » Sat Feb 27, 2021 8:55 pm

R.S. Hughes Company is a distributor offering a unique blend of adhesives, chemicals, electronic components, labels, paints, storage bins and shipping supplies.

R.S. Hughes https://www.rshughes.com/

Need copper tape?
R.S. Hughes has it: https://www.rshughes.com/search.html?q=copper+tape
(Kapton too.)

Need potting compound?
They have it: https://www.rshughes.com/search.html?q=potting+compound

Over 50 US locations.

I've never done business with them but the diversity of their products made me book mark them.
Worth checking out...

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