Audio Test and Measurement Software

A place for software, hardware and DSP-based audio gizmos. All things code and the hardware that runs it. Time and amplitude are described in bits and pieces here. Links to interesting gizmos and software.
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Audio Test and Measurement Software

Post by mediatechnology » Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:49 am

This thread is currently a stub for Audio Analysis software suitable for circuit design and test.
Many focus on acoustic and speaker design but are usable on the test bench.

I currently use AudioTester, RightMark, Visual Analyzer and Y-Works DSSF3. The KMeter utility is also very useful.
I'll be posting screenshots and comparing the versions I use.

Audio Analysis Software

MCD AUdio Analyzer:
Pure Bits
Rightmark Audio Analyzer
Spectral Plus
True Audio
Visual Analyzer
Yoshimasa Electronic "Y-Works"

Audio Analysis Utilities and Tools

Frequency Response Plot Pascal Pensa
KMeter Martin Zuther
Sat Signal Utilities David Taylor
Audio Test Interface Pete Millet

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