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Resistors for Mic Builders and Synths

Posted: Mon May 26, 2008 3:37 pm
by mediatechnology
I'm stocking a couple of hard-to-find resistors that some members here may eventually need.

For the mic builder I currently have a few 2G ohm (for the search engines who visit us 2000 Mohm). I'm almost sold out of these but I have a few 1Gohm on the way with more backordered. These are Vishay RNX0382G00KNLB (2G) and RNX0501G00FNEL (1G). They are 3/8W and 1/2W sizes. (Doubt we'll see that dissipation in a microphone though.)

The other one I stock is the Precision Resistor PT-146 (PT146). This is a 3500 ppm temperature compensating 1K 1% ideal for use in log and anitlog amplifiers. The 1K PT-146-1K and the 2K PT-146-2K (2K available from Music from Outer Space) are often use in DIY synth building. The 2K is a better choice if it's in the feedback loop of an op amp.

Links are here: 2G PT-146 ... ge=CATALOG PT-146 2K

Temperature ("tempco") Compensation Resistors for Log Amps and VCAs

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:16 am
by mediatechnology
I no longer offer the Gig Ohm GΩ resistors or the PT-146 for sale but I did have to use a PT-146 1KΩ +3500 ppm I had in stock as a replacement for a failed KRL RQ-81 (Tel Labs Q81) found in a Heathkit IG-5238 AC Voltmeter with dB.

Since I did a quick web check on both KRL and Precision Resistor I thought I would post the links here:

Precision Resistor wirewound and SMT temperature compensators: ... sators.pdf

KRL Bantry Components:

After replacing the 1979 date code KRL RQ-81 with a PRC PT-146 the dB scale was only about half a needle width off. Now that's precision.

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