Matched Low Noise JFETS from TI JFE2140

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Matched Low Noise JFETS from TI JFE2140

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The JFE2140 is a Burr-Brown™ matched-pair discrete JFET built using Texas Instruments' modern, high performance, analog bipolar process. The JFE2140 features performance not previously available in older discrete JFET technologies. The JFE2140 offers excellent noise performance across all current ranges, where the quiescent current can be set by the user from 50 μA to 20 mA. When biased at 5 mA, the device yields 0.9 nV/√Hz of input referred noise, giving ultra-low noise performance withextremely high input impedance (> 1 TΩ). In addition, the matching between JFETs is tested to ±4 mV, ensuring low offset and high CMRR performance for differential pair configurations. The JFE2140 also features integrated diodes connected to separate clamp nodes to provide protection without the addition of high leakage, nonlinear external diodes.
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