Tivoli Model One Power Transformer Replacement

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Tivoli Model One Power Transformer Replacement

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Tivoli Model One Power Transformer Replacement

I have an early Tivoli Model One which recently needed a replacement power transformer.
After a recent storm, nearby lightning strike and downed power lines I found the Model One's primary winding open.
I love this radio.

Turns out the Triad F-114X is a near-exact electrical and mechanical replacement for early-2000s 120V US models.
The Tivoli has no line fuse with the primary connected directly to line.
I added a 1A 5x20 mm leaded glass fuse in series with the replacement.

The Triad F-114X is rated 12V 700 mA (9.4 VA) while the Tivoli is 11.5V 800 mA (9.2 VA).
The difference in voltage and current is insignificant in this application.



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