That1580 mini mixer

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Re: That1580 mini mixer

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Yes I looked at the 626x a few times. Most recently I didn't like the low-ish gain, no servo and, worse distortion figures on the preamp than the 1580. Thinking about it now, I could fit 2 470uF 10v cg's on a preamp card since I would only need 2 or 3 cards, 39/34 db gain is probably ok, but maybe with some dynamics mics maybe not. Distortion figures, not sure if that's audible, but I do really like the lme49720 op amps and probably because of their low distortion.

I was almost going to post a few weeks ago and ask you about how to do a differential servo for it.
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Re: That1580 mini mixer

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It looks like you'd have to servo into the input bases since one emitter has Rg in series.

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